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This Month’s Case Study:  "A Small Fraction"

How We Saved Our Client Tens of Thousands


Our client came to us looking to acquire a domain name, and a very good one to boot. No worries! We’re on it. Our team of IP go-getters can negotiate the chrome off a trailer hitch! 

So, we started digging. The WHOIS information was valid but the email address and phone number on file was not getting us any reply.

Time passed and we finally heard back from the registrant’s family member. There had been a family emergency and they had just seen the outreach from our analyst.

In discussing with the client, the decision was made to reach out with a large and motivating offer… in light of the special circumstances with the seller.

Some more time passed. Then they agreed to our offer. OK, great! But next up is getting the signed purchase agreement and this seller had been difficult to reach. Getting the agreement in time could be challenging.

A few more weeks go by and still no reply from the seller. Our client needs this domain! OK, let’s really motivate the seller. The client decided to have us reach out again with an even higher offer—this time the top of our client’s budget.

And… no response. This is not good.

But wait, this is where things get interesting! The Marksmen Acquisition team knows their way around an acquisition like a top chef knows the temperature of a perfect mid-rare steak. Of course, we had a backup plan.

At the start of the case, we noticed the domain name was up for renewal a number of months down the road. Just in case, we had set up a drop-catch for the domain. Sometimes that comes into play. This time it did.

The seller never got back to us. The domain lapsed.  We secured it for an amount exponentially lower than our client’s original budget. Yessss! That’s how we roll.

Now, time for a glass of champagne and a pop of confetti before we get back to work on the next case in the queue.


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